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From fraud to counterfeiting, IP Services offers a comprehensive brand protection solution suited specifically to you and your business to combat revenue loss and preserve your brand equity.

Our full-circle brand protection programs work to enforce your Intellectual Property Rights, safeguard your customers, and protect your good name.

If your brand is successful, so are the counterfeiters using your name to line their pockets. Our team of experts can provide the skills and Intellectual Property expertise to define brand protection strategies that fit your business and put them into motion.

Make an impact with a brand protection solution that takes control of your brand’s online presence.
Identify the Problem

What types of IP infringement is your brand facing? We'll help you identify products that are being targeted for copyright violations or trademark infringements.

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It starts with knowing what's out there. Online marketplaces, social media, apps, websites, and the dark web are conduits for the sale of counterfeit and infringing products. Gain intelligence on which unauthorized products are hitting the market and where they're being sold, then begin to take action.


When you find unauthorized product listings it's time to ID the seller and gather evidence. Test purchases serve to collect information on the seller identity and secure physical and/or digital proof of the infringement for litigation.

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It takes a trained professional to know what to look for. Counterfeits are made to look like the real deal and can fool just about anybody. Collected evidence is studied and scrutinized based on your brand's security measures to positively confirm whether a product is genuine, counterfeit, or otherwise infringing.

Enforce / Disrupt

It's time to enforce your intellectual property rights. Take down infringing listings to disrupt the online marketplace, making it harder for illegitimate sellers to make a sale. Send cease-and-desist letters to positively-identified sellers and prepare for litigation against recidivist sellers using substantiated findings and chain-of-custody documentation.

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Let's build a strategy together.

Choose one, choose all. Our brand protection teams provide services suited to meet your needs.

Monitoring & Enforcement

Sales platforms are closely monitored by our specialists who analyze and flag infringing offers for removal and legal notice. We work with rights holders, investigators, and counsel to coordinate test purchases, link bad actors, and build strong cases in support of your brand protection efforts.

Brand Monitoring


Takedowns & Search Delisting

Legal Notices

Case Development Support

Partner Audits / Vetting

Mailbox Triage

Market Research


Our team of experienced licensed investigators exercise due diligence throughout the investigative process. We perform undercover investigations, conduct market sample test purchases, and collect the evidence you need to support legal actions and law enforcement referrals.

Background Research

Supply Chain Investigation

Market Samples

Test Purchase Sweeps

Covert Communication

Report of Investigation

Diverse Undercover Resources

Legal Support


Attention to detail and accuracy are always top of mind for our team of analysts. We review physical and digital evidence to determine if products are genuine, fake, or otherwise infringing and support law enforcement, including U.S. CBP, with seizures, onsite inspections, and brand trainings.

Forensic Analysis

Law Enforcement Coordination & Training

On-site Support

Customs Support

Expert Testimony

Legal Documents

Trend Data

Malware Testing

Protecting your brand = Protecting your customers

Brand abusers use your good name to bait your customers with counterfeit goods at low costs, use tech and phishing scams to leech money, and post malicious content to disrupt the marketplace.

This doesn't just put your brand at risk. The health and safety of your customers, who are placing trust in your products, are also put at risk. Your customers expect you to protect them from counterfeits. Ensuring AUTHENTIC brand experiences increases ROI, not just in revenue, but in the trust your customers place in your brand.

We've got you covered.

Our resources and expertise help you to manage your brand protection program. We support companies from all over the world in a multitude of industries.

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Counterfeit software and fraudulent subscriptions can be riddled with malware designed to destroy data, compromise security, and steal consumers' identities. We have the skills and experience necessary to analyze software and devices to maintain the integrity of your IP.

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Components need to be purchased from a trusted source. We'll track and investigate the legitimacy of your supply chain, ensuring you're getting the parts you expect for your product.

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Consumers are less likely to buy products from a brand if their reputation is associated with counterfeit goods. Everything from toys to cosmetics to food can be compromised – the counterfeiters know no bounds and neither do we. We’ll customize a solution to meet your needs.

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Steeply discounted designer handbags, clothing, and beauty products cost brands lost revenue and jobs. One way to stop fakes before they enter the marketplace is to assist U.S. Customs to seize counterfeit merchandise at the port of entry. We have the expertise to identify infringing goods and the experience to support CBP’s efforts on your behalf.

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When it comes to pharmaceuticals, counterfeits can kill. Our licensed investigators keep illegitimate drugs off the market by identifying the dangerous counterfeits and helping to build cases against bad actors.

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Malfunctions caused by inferior counterfeit products put your customers at risk and can tarnish your brand for years. Our experts will help your customers retain confidence in your brand by monitoring online platforms and actively removing infringing offers before they cause harm.

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