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Stop Counterfeits at the Border

How do you to stop counterfeit goods from entering the U.S. before they fall into the hands of unsuspecting consumers? IP owners should establish best practices and a supportive relationship with US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) so their goods get the attention they deserve at the port of entry. Consider…

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Going Beyond Takedowns – The Next Step
Some consumers believe that brand owners only care about keeping counterfeit products out of the marketplace because these ...
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Process Documentation: Why and How?
What’s the point of process documentation? Would you bake a cake without a recipe? Build a house without ...
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tech support scammer
Hello! We Are Calling Because You Have a Problem with Your Computer
Have you ever received a pop-up warning saying that your computer is infected with a virus? Or maybe you've ...
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Money Laundering 101: Understanding the Basics
Money laundering is an intricate process used to conceal the origin of illegally obtained funds. Through this system, ...
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3 Tips for Increasing Community Outreach Participation
If you are launching a community engagement program or organizing a community outreach event, participation will be critical ...
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Kevin Chow: Super Sleuth
One of the many great perks we have at IP Services (IPS) is working with a close-knit team ...
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Privacy in the Digital Age: The Necessary Actions
In Part One, Privacy in the Digital Age: The Issues, we discussed several cases involving the amount of ...
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Privacy in the Digital Age: The Issues
In the digital age, we are always on our phones, tablets and computers. There are cameras everywhere. In ...
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