Outmaneuver digital criminals and fast-track your good customers.

Our analysts easily integrate into your outsourced fraud operation to minimize chargebacks and prevent product loss, all while limiting friction for legitimate customers. We’ll help you determine what kind of fraud threats you're facing and how to mitigate them, then use the knowledge gained to build or restructure your fraud solution.

Online purchases

We'll work with your risk prevention system to stop bad actors at the door and ensure your good customers can make purchases in a safe and secure environment. We not only protect customers using common currencies, but also have experience monitoring purchases made using in-game currencies.

Online Purchases
Customer Loyalty
Customer loyalty & rewards

We'll maintain checks and balances to help retailers prevent, detect, and stop customer loyalty program abuse. We'll keep your customers safe and satisfied by restoring access and rewards when unauthorized access is detected.

App Marketplaces

We'll help you onboard developers by vetting them and monitoring their behavior to ensure compliance with your terms of use. We'll also review app purchases to detect anomalies and keep your marketplace a safe space for customers.

App Marketplace
We become fully integrated.

Fraud detection software is only as good as the data it’s fed. These technologies allow for instantaneous leveraging of large datasets and complex algorithms to aid in the fight against fraud, but it’s not a one-stop shop in prevention.

No matter the technology you utilize, our team integrates easily with your platform and processes. We have experience working with proprietary tools as well as some of the most popular industry-leading tools and platforms.


Take your fraud prevention program to the next level.

Our goal is to partner with you to achieve a robust fraud mitigation strategy. We've worked as a standalone safety net and alongside our clients machine learning models for over a decade to keep our clients and their customers safe.

Chargeback Representment

We work on behalf of merchants to investigate consumer chargebacks to determine if they should be disputed. If we identify that the transaction was legitimate, we will pull together the necessary information to dispute the chargeback with the issuing bank.

Systems Vulnerability Analysis

We partner with our clients to identify system vulnerabilities through fraud simulations.  Our results are used to propose changes to the types of data collected and modifications to processes and policies. 

Enforcement Case Support

We work with merchants to identify fraud disruption opportunities while conducting research and investigations to support legal enforcement against the individuals who commit fraud.  We have experience developing alert and detection capabilities, writing case reports, and performing the analysis needed to target fraudsters. 

Phishing Email

Five Ways to Avoid the Threat of Email Phishing

As businesses move to digital platforms, persistent cyber threats continue to compromise personal information using a variety of tactics, including...

Safeguard your brand.

Managing your brand reputation not only requires protection of your customers from fraud vulnerabilities, but providing specialized support when your customers need it the most.

Cloud Network Services

We monitor behavior to detect threats to your network capacity, such as DDoS (brute force) attacks, bitcoin mining, and other bandwidth-consuming processes. We protect your network from these vulnerabilities so that cloud resources are reserved for your legitimate customers.

Advertising Networks

We protect your brand's reputation by identifying search ad fraud, keyword stuffing, and domain spoofing. We also monitor legitimate customer accounts for unauthorized access, re-secure them, and ensure your customer’s good ads continue to serve.

Customer Support

We integrate into your customer service experience to provide specialized support by resolving issues such as account access and inability to complete purchases. We also answer inquiries about balance inconsistencies and unauthorized charges resulting from purchases made on your platform.