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3 Tips for Increasing Community Outreach Participation

If you are launching a community engagement program or organizing a community outreach event, participation will be critical to its success. So, what next? Follow these three tips to increase community outreach participation: 1. Time vs. money vs. stuff A big decision you’ll need to make when organizing a community…

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IPS Website
IPS New Website Launch Announcement
We are pleased to announce the launch of the newly redesigned We've developed a new responsive layout ...
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Managing Projects
Six Ways to Keep a Project on Schedule
These days when you leave your office, you probably take your work with you. Even at home, we ...
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pharmaceutical production line
A Guide to Counterfeit Pharma Test Purchases
In a previous blog post, we talked about the dangers of purchasing pharmaceuticals via the web. Our efforts ...
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Protect Your Identity Like a Trade Secret
Online identity theft continues to plague consumers worldwide. As technology enables greater cooperation and sharing, it also exposes ...
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Tech Support Scams Demystified
More than 3.8 billion people worldwide have internet access today, and as many as 3 out of 5 ...
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5 Ways to Keep Your Child Safe Online
My ten-year-old niece was recently gifted with her dad’s old smartphone. While it doesn’t have phone service, it ...
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Buying Medications Online: Do You Know What You’re Really Buying?
Do you remember the Internet from 30 years ago? It wasn’t in our pockets, in our cars, or ...
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Don’t Get Played by Counterfeit Gaming Hardware
With over 600 million console gamers worldwide (and growing!) and a market generating an estimated $34.6 billion in revenue in ...
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