The difficulty of...


Business is dynamic, and the stakes are high. In a fast-paced environment where needs and requirements are constantly changing, balancing the demands of competing programs and projects can be overwhelming. Randomization can result in missteps that waste time and resources, reduce ROI, and affect overall profits. IP Services understands that strategic decision-making, effective prioritization, and cross-team collaboration are vital to success.

The benefits of...


A well-run program is monitored closely to ensure that program objectives are being met. Business executives and senior level management expect regular reporting; however, program owners are often pressed for time, which creates a gap in information sharing.

Regular reporting and analysis are essential tools that enable clients to quickly adapt their programs to new business trends and achieve consistent long-term success.

The reality of...


Often, good work is rewarded with increased and expanded responsibilities. This can result in ‘to-do’ lists growing faster than can be realistically managed and even the most experienced professionals can feel daunted by the sheer volume of work to be accomplished. Some of IP Services’ key strengths are understanding our clients’ needs, developing and refining processes, and delivering first-class service in a fast-moving, quality-driven environment.

The challenge of...


Many programs require input and contributions from across the company. Managing cross-group programs can be extremely challenging. Communication gaps and unclear accountability can cause delays, missed deadlines and frustration. In addition to program management, IP Services works closely with program owners to coordinate communications between their team members and improve cross-group collaboration.

Program Management Services

IP Services has extensive and comprehensive experience managing programs for clients. Programs range from ongoing year-over-year programs to short-term projects. IP Services supports our clients by helping to ensure successful implementation and management of their programs.

While you continue to steer your program, IP Services can help manage program budgets, forecast resources, draft proposals, define program objectives/strategies and provide regular reporting. IP Services can also prepare your status reports, executive-level presentations, metrics-driven reports and newsletters.

We can develop a customized program management solution to meet your specific needs. We have experience managing programs with particular focus on Brand Protection, Fraud Prevention and Information Request Management.

Our success is only determined by YOUR success.