Risks and costs of...


Today, almost every business must have a robust internet presence to compete and survive. Consumers expect ecommerce transactions to be quick and easy. However, the anonymous nature of the Internet, implications of global reach and the explosion of mobile commerce is exposing merchants and their customers to significant new risks and costs.

The danger of...


Those who commit Fraud often employ sophisticated schemes to avoid detection. They utilize networks of people, advanced technology and tools to attack quickly and move on leaving few traces except for bewildered cardholders, unpaid debts, compromised business identities and costly merchant chargebacks.

The importance of...


Fraud tactics are ever-changing. Prevention requires a dynamic and responsive solution that integrates technology and human intelligence. Advanced algorithms recognize patterns and can avert obvious fraud. Unknown patterns and questionable transactions must be flagged and reviewed by highly trained agents. Agents identify new patterns/tactics and support ongoing technology improvements. Done properly, Fraud Prevention is an integrated and constantly improving process of humans and technology working together effectively.

Fraud Prevention Services

IP Services offers best-in-class services to support your Fraud prevention efforts. Our highly trained agents easily integrate with your systems and processes. In addition to offering high quality Fraud review services, our US based team will collaborate with you to continuously improve your response to ever-changing fraud tactics.

Manual Review

Our US based agents are highly trained and capable of reviewing hundreds of transactions representing millions of dollars 365 days a year.

Risk Analysis

Our analysts identify changing patterns of fraud, allowing for the rapid adjustment of preventative tactics to mitigate risks and outmaneuver
digital criminals.

Fraud Prevention Consulting

We have the experience and knowledge to help you prevent fraud more effectively.

Program Management

We can help you develop or manage your Fraud program, including the development of timelines, maintenance of metrics, and preparation of status reports and information updates.